Agnieszka Kosny

Researcher, Health Theme

Dr. Agnieszka Kosny is a Scientist at the Institute for Work & Health. Her PhD in Public Health Sciences from the University of Toronto looked at working conditions and worker perceptions of risk and safety in non-profit social service organizations. She is primarily a qualitative researcher interested in compensation systems and in marginalized and non-profit workplaces. At the Institute for Work & Health, a key RAACWI partner, she has been involved in a series of research projects looking at how injured workers navigate their return to work, the health care system, and the compensation system. Dr. Kosny was RAACWI's first post-doc fellow. During her 2-year post doctoral fellowship, Iggy (as she is known to RAACWI) conducted research on the role of health care providers in the compensation system and return to work, the experiences of immigrant workers after they have had a work injury, and occupational health and safety and workers' compensation coverage in non-profit organizations.

Related Research

Kosny, A., MacEachen, E. Ferrier, S., Chambers, L. The role of health care providers in long term and complicated workers' compensation claims. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation (submitted and under review)

Kosny, A. (2009). Invisible workplaces and forgotten workers. A case study of occupational health and safety and workers' compensation coverage in Canadian non-profit organizations. Policy and Practice in Health and Safety 7(2):93-113

Kosny, A. & Eakin, J. (2008) The hazards of helping: Work, mission and risk in nonprofit social service organizations. Health, Risk & Society; 10 (2):149-166

Related Grants

Kosny, A., Kramer, D., Wells, R., Steenstra, I., Tiano, C., Ryan, E., Majewsky, G. (2010-2011). Buddies in Bad Times: workplace injury, return to work, and the role of coworkers. Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, Research Advisory Council.

Kosny, A., Smith, P., Breslin, C., Saunders, R. (2010-2011) Prevention is the best medicine: Developing a tool to share information about workplace rights, occupational health & safety and workers' compensation with new immigrant workers. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Research Advisory Council.

Agnieszka Kosny