Building Capacity

...In the Injured Worker Community

"Capacity building" means providing opportunities for people to develop their skills and interest in a certain area. RAACWI is building capacity through several initiatives.

What makes a Community-Academic Research Alliance (CURA) grant different from many others is that it also funds activities for community members to build their skills. Over the 5 years of the initiative, RAACWI will offer training in public speaking, dealing with the media, research skills, leadership skills, and negotiation skills.

Through 12 weekly training sessions in the Speakers' School, injured workers learn the skills and gain the confidence to speak to various audiences, from Members of the Provincial Parliament and the WSIB to students in classrooms and community groups. The program is offered several times a year. Many of the graduates from our early sessions have already successfully spoken to audiences including the Human Rights Commissioner, WSIB representatives, the Minister of Labour, and at workshops and university classes. Sabrina Pacini, an injured worker, was the coordinator for the first Speakers' School. Kate Lushington teaches in the program and has prepared course material. The Speakers' Bureau Committee regularly brainstorms and summarized past graduates' evaluations of the program to improve on the curriculum.

We have a number of speakers available to present to your local group or association. The Speaker's School is open to all injured workers. For more information, contact Steve Mantis.