Building Capacity

...In Universities

"Capacity building" means providing opportunities for people to develop their skills and interest in a certain area. RAACWI is building research capacity through several initiatives.

RAACWI expects to fund four post-doctoral fellows over the 5 years of the initiative. Our 1st post-doctoral fellow is Agnieszka Kosny. Our 2nd post-doc is named "The Carol McGregor Post-doctoral Fellowship." Carol McGregor was a long time disability rights activist and a researcher in this initiative before she passed away on September 23, 2006 after a short battle with cancer. The 2nd post-doctoral fellow was Garry Gray who has now moved on to pursue research at Harvard University. Our 3rd post-doc is named "The Meredith Post-doctoral Fellowship" in honour of Sir William Meredith who, in 1913, formulated the five key concepts that are the foundation of workers' compensation in Canada. They are now known as the "Meredith Principles." The 3rd post-doctoral fellowship was awarded to Fergal O'Hagan. Our fourth post-doctoral fellowship, in honour of Dan Ublansky, was awarded to to Heather Scott Marshall in 2010. Dan Ublansky was a workers' advocate and an active participant in the RAACWI initiative until his untimely death in 2008. He held a position as Lawyer/Director of the Toronto Workers' Health & Safety Legal Clinic, since 1993.

There are graduate student stipends and research associate positions associated with each of the projects housed within the four themes. Several of the university researchers in the initiative have time buy-outs that allow them to focus more time on their research within the initiative. For more information contact Emile Tompa.