Health trajectories and health care utilization among injured workers: a longitudinal survey

Overview of the project

Injured Worker Health Survey Panel Results Phase 1

Injured Worker Poverty

Survey Methodology

Principal Investigator: Peri Ballantyne

Co-Investigators: Pat, Emile Tompa, Marion Endicott, Steve Mantis

Community Involvement: Survey development was based on consultation with injured workers, injured worker advocates, and academic researchers.

Project Abstract: We are initiating a longitudinal survey to monitor the health and health care utilization of a representative sample Ontario injured workers who received a non-economic loss benefit (NEL). A NEL benefit formalizes that a workplace injury resulted in a permanent impairment. In our study, we want to document what happens to permanently impaired injured workers' physical and mental health, right after their injuries, and in the years following; and to describe injured workers' health care needs and use of health care services.

In the first wave of data collection, we aim to document the mental and physical health, health care utilization, health care deficits and the insurance/funding source of health services sought or received by injured workers. We will also document employment spells, personal/family income and marital/family-status change, enabling us to describe relationships among these social determinants of health and health status/health care utilization. In the first panel of the survey, we will also collect data on pre-injury health status, pre-injury employment, occupation, income, and marital status/family status, allowing the description of social and health changes from pre- to post-injury.

Our sample includes 500 first time WSIB claimants (ages 25-55) who have received a NEL benefit within the past two years. Data collection will be undertaken through a telephone survey conducted by York University's Institute for Social Research. Subsequent survey waves are pending funding application successes.

Health & well-being

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