Extension of Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Front Line Study

Principal Investigator: Joan Eakin

This project will integrate key findings and extend the current boundaries of a funded two-year project by the same principal investigator that explores the logic and practice of front line service workers (i.e., adjudicators, nurse case managers and customer service representatives) at the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Data from the earlier study will be analysed with respect to worker experiences, specifically stigmatisation, disability, access to compensation, return to work and financial support. Approximately 20 additional interviews will be conducted with key board staff not covered in the original study (e.g., board physicians, rehabilitation consultants, telephone answering and triaging personnel) and relevant documents and texts will be reviewed (e.g., board policies and procedures, training and evaluation materials).

Legislation policies, programs & practices

Phase 1 Projects

The adequacy of workers' compensation benefits

Extension of Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Front Line Study

Interaction between workers' compensation and other disability income and support programs

Legal and academic concepts of disability

Lived versus statutory versions of work injury and compensation

Medical evaluation and its consequences

Policy feedback and the direction of workers' compensation policy in Ontario