Medical evaluation and its consequences

Principal Investigators: Joan Eakin

Co-Investigators: Katherine Lippel and Agnieszka Kosny

Community Involvement: Community forum on this project in which 6-8 injured workers were present, and participated in a round table eliciting their concerns and priorities in the area of this project. Several signed up to participate in further work, which we have yet to take them up on as we are still working on the literature and conceptualization. WE hope to bring a draft of our grant proposal (to SSHRC, fall 2008) to this group for input.

Project Abstract: Doctors occupy a critical location within compensation and rehabilitation systems for work-related injury & illness. Varying by jurisdiction, medical practitioners play a role in diagnosis, in the determination of cause, and in the assessment of disability and readiness to return to work. This project investigates the role of the doctor in the compensation system. It explores the nature of the medical evaluation process, the structural conditions that shape the role of the doctor, doctors? role in the outcomes of compensation claims and return to work processes, and how the discourse and practices of medical evaluation may influence the secondary injury known to be associated with worker experience with the compensation system. The project will include a review of the literature (2007-08), submission of a proposal for funding (fall, 2008) and the ensuing project.

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Legislation policies, programs & practices

Phase 1 Projects

The adequacy of workers' compensation benefits

Extension of Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Front Line Study

Interaction between workers' compensation and other disability income and support programs

Legal and academic concepts of disability

Lived versus statutory versions of work injury and compensation

Medical evaluation and its consequences

Policy feedback and the direction of workers' compensation policy in Ontario