About the project themes

Projects are listed under four themes. These projects will start in years one to three of the project (Phase 1). Other projects will be added in years four and five (Phase 2). For more information on these themes, please click the highlighted text. For a list of projects by researcher, please click here.

Legislation, policies, programs & practices

The adequacy of workers' compensation benefits

Extension of Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Front Line Study

Interaction between workers' compensation and other disability income and support programs

Legal and academic concepts of disability

Lived versus statutory versions of work injury and compensation

Medical evaluation and its consequences

Policy feedback and the direction of workers' compensation policy in Ontario

Financial security & employment experiences

Concepts of compensation adequacy

Inventory/catalogue of data sources

Study of barriers to claims filing

Labour-market earnings and financial security

Literature review of research on labour-market experiences and financial security

Complex Claims Study

Role of Health Care Providers in Complex Claims

Labour-Market Re-Entry Study

A Socio-Legal Ethnography of the Experiences of Injured Workers with Deeming and Re-Employment

Development of a Green Light and Red Flag Toolkit for Persistent Claims

History and social/political movements

The injured workers' movement in Ontario 1900-2005

Medical science and practice within the Ontario Workers' Compensation Board, 1960-1995

Injured workers and the labour movement

Injured workers and the right to appeal

Health & well-being

Mental health and substance use experiences of injured workers with protracted claims

Mental health and quality of life after a work injury claim

Marital instability following a work accident

Health trajectories and health-care utilization: a long-term survey of injured workers

Injured workers' health and well-being

Immigrant workers' experiences after work-related injury and illness